At eQ Homes, we’re enriching the lives of our homeowners by incorporating high-quality “SmartHome” technology in every home we build. We’ve partnered with leading new home technology suppliers to offer a standard smart home package that allows you to control your home’s climate and selected lights through simple apps on your smart phone.

Lutron - Caseta Smart  Bridge App

Lutron - Caseta Smart Bridge App

- This app acts as the “brain” of your Smarthome system

- Control lights and temperature through up to 50 connected devices

- Uses ultra-reliable Clear Connect wireless technology to ensure seamless communication between system components

- Operates on a quiet frequency band that is free of interference, so your system won’t be affected by a neighbouring one

Nest Thermostat Contro

Nest Thermostat Control

- Adjust your home’s temperature on-the-go from your phone

- Monitor your home’s heating and air conditioning while you’re away or on vacation

- Automatically adapts as your life and as the seasons change

- just use it for a week and it programs itself

Lighting Outlets by Lutron

Lighting Outlets by Lutron

- Turn lights on and on from your phone

- Never come home to a dark home

- Program lights so it looks like someone is home while you’re on vacation

- Increased security and convenience