The Grove at Greystone | Urban Towns

A rich past
A vibrant future

Inspired by heritage and enhanced with modern design, The Grove is the newest addition to Greystone Village, a visionary community nestled between the Rideau River and the Rideau Canal.

The Grove takes its inspiration from the majestic Edifice Deschâtelets, a Heritage Ottawa designated Building. The name draws upon the lush apple orchard that once graced the grounds, which are now enhanced with sustainable modern architecture and eco-friendly design. Welcome home to The Grove.

History lives here

Rich in both its character and heritage, the history of Old Ottawa East goes back to its farmland roots almost 200 years ago. This was a neighbourhood built by a pioneering spirit and strengthened with bonds of friendship and social activities, where children came to fish on the river, family and friends skated on ponds, and fresh produce was grown and traded for goods.

The Old Ottawa Community Centre was the heart and hub of the old neighbourhood. As the city grew around it, the neighbourhood has proudly retained much of its charm and character. Today, Old Ottawa East is a vibrant village known for its lush parks, boutique shops and restaurants and beautiful waterside trails, all designed to draw people back to experience its timeless appeal.

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